About Kulik-Fördertechnik

For the conveying of bulk goods it is important that you can rely on technical products and that you can trust in the experience of your partner as far as it concerns the planning and manufacturing of  projects. KULIK-Fördertechnik is specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of conveying plants for bulk goods.

With the know-how of Kulik-Fördertechnik we can offer you without any time loss one  complete package  from one specialist : Planning, manufacturing, erection and maintenance service.

We are a trusted partner of public service facilities and huge companies in Germany, Switzerland and Europe.

Flexibility and efficiancy

Each conveying situation is different, therefore our CAD-engineers design and develop special plants according to the requirements at Site.
The complete engineering and manufacturing process is made out of one hand, therefore worth time can be saved and we can take care that all components will meet your requirements  in view of safety guidelines, purchase- and maintenance costs.

The huge spread of conveying systems is our strength. Starting from pneumatic conveying plants, conveying belts, screw conveyors to elevators and its components.
Your advantage: Each plant can be supplied with its adequate designed components.

Manufacturing from one hand

Kulik-Fördertechnik disposes of excelent manufacturing processes, according to highest demands in quality- which means steel constructions as well as mechanical engineering for special constructions.

Beside turn-key solutions, Kulik-Fördertechnik is also manufacturing single components and fittings. Our products are pipe diverters, flat and round gates, rotary valves, filters, mobile conveying plants as well as screw conveyors.

Pneumatic conveying plants- advantage by experience

Everyone who is looking for new solutions in the pneumatic conveying of bulk goods will find our company. We are analysing existing solutions and are always drying to find improvements. During the last years Kulik-Fördertechnik has become a trusty specialist in planning innovative, pneumatic conveying plants for bulk goods.

One important field of our conveying technology is the construction of conveying plants for winter services. In this field it is necessary that you can rely on the function and solidity of our plants.Therefore Kulik-Fördertechnik is market leader in Germany, Luxemburg, Slovakia and Switzerland.

One of our patented and self-developped products are the pneumatic conveying plants MoBi15 to MoBi 55. These mobile conveying plants for bulk goods are extremly reliable and due to its patented noise absorber they can also be placed in noise protected areas. > More informations .....( link)

Our range of products on a view:

  • components for dosage 
  •  silo system technology
  • silo control
  • discharging devices
  • measure technoloy ( weighing devices)
  • dedusting units
  • equipment for conveying
  • charging devices
  • charging components ( bends and diverters)
  • steel construction
  • planning and engineering of plants
  • maintenance service
  • manufacturing of electric control boards